SOL Smart Home Logo - White
SOL Smart Home Logo - White

5 Functions in
1 Futuristic body

Made of premium-quality materials,
designed to be nice and efficient
and controllable with your smartphone.

SOL-ONE Cross section render image
SOL Hotspot ionizer module
Modularity enables you to switch between ionizer and scenting towers
SOL Hotspot mood lights
Choose mood light from a palette of the rainbow
SOL Hotspot indoor air quality
Built-in air quality monitor can indicate pollution level
SOL Hotspot fan
A high-quality fan ensures a silent and strong air circulation inside SOL-ONE.
SOL Hotspot VOC filter
Wet&dry filters have the ability to trap VOCs and larger dust particles. Easy to replace or wash!
SOL Hotspot Silver tape
Water is always a possible source of contamination. SOL-ONE wet&dry filters have silver tapes that create antibacterial zone inside the water bowl.
SOL Hotspot patented multilevel air purification
Air travels through a patented multilevel purification system from the bottom to top.
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  • Air Purification

    Operates silently with an advanced filter and low operational costs. In addition, it is efficient and quiet while it’s working, and it is able to slightly humidify the air. It will  purify the air filter out the dust, pet fur, or pollen.

  • Air ionization

    Emitting 20 million negative ions in a second makes your air 99% bacteria-free. Having negative ions in the air of our personal environment has beneficial effects on the self-healing ability of the human body, and it also refreshes and energizes. The presence of negative ions improves the effectiveness of air purification and has a greater capacity to neutralize odors. Using the ionizing device with SOL-ONE® releases a large amount of negative ions without exhausting any harmful ozone.

  • Air Scenting

    Offers you a wide variety of interchangeable scents. Using the scenting device with SOL-ONE can also inject fragrances into the released purified air. This allows the user to choose a fragrance to suit the mood and occasion; also they can change them without the scents mixing or polluting the air.

  • Mood Lights

    Gives you the option to harmonize the mood lighting with 8,000 color tones to choose from. Researches has proven that colors have mood-changing and spiritlifting effects. With SOL-ONE’s built-in mood-lighting system, the user can set any color tone to suit moods and occasions.

  • Smart Operation

    With freely downloadable iOS and Android apps, the SOL-ONE Smart Air Care device can be controlled by any smartphone or tablet. This feature makes it easy to tune the device or to learn all the details about its current activity. Easy and efficient!


SOL-ONE isn’t your everyday air cleaner
it’s an engineering chef-d’oeuvre.


SOL-ONE is a 36x25x25cm (15″ x 10″ x 10″) middle-sized device, but its massive 3.5 kg thick porcelain housing and its water tank weigh an extra 1.2 kg when filled.


SOL-ONE features the best-quality ionizer currently available, emitting 20 MILLION negative ions/second, which is roughly 1,000 times stronger than most ionizers on the market, without harmful ozone emission.

Air circulation

Thanks to its efficient air-cleaning ability, it terminates up to 99% of indoor air bacteria, circulating up to 125 m3 (4415 ft3) of air every hour.


When designing SOL-ONE our aim was to create the most aesthetically pleasing shape and overall appearance. That’s why we decided to use only  noble materials like porcelain and wood instead of plastic.

Smart control

Change your air purification preferences anytime from your smartphone via Bluetooth. The SOL Remote app features scheduling, environment-aware air cleaning, manual speed settings and more.


SOL-ONE consumes up to 13 Watts of electricity on its full load, which is about as much, as an energy saver lightbulb.


SOL-ONE’s main filtering feature is that it can and should run 24/7 even at night on a super silent 25 dB (lowest) fan noise.

Advanced filter

SOL-ONE’s filter only has to be washed and its water supply refilled every 7 days. One filter’s lifetime extends over 12 months. This adds an additional environmental protection, as you will not produce any extra waste as usual with other air purifiers.

SOL Smart Home Logo - White

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